Long Island Photographer Locations

Long Island Photography Locations

Engagement Or Wedding Photos In Front Of Long Island Sky Line

If your looking to hire a Long Island Photographer then you must check out these top photography locations. Capturing the most memorable and amazing portraits is as much about making sure that your subjects are completely relaxed and having fun, as it is about the right camera setting, perfect lighting as well as the splendor of the surrounding.

And true to these facts, there is no place in the East Coast that provides you with a plethora of these incredible options of capturing memorable moments than the Long Island.

With its 118 miles length, Long Island holds the crown and ultimate bragging rights not only as the longest island in the United States, but also as the place with arguably the most famed attractions and sites that are incredibly perfect for any form of photography.

Whether you choose a sugar-fine beach, a beautiful coastal landscape, a famed golf course, famous lighthouse, historical antiquity or an adventuresome Gold Coast mansion, Long Island, New York has it all.

As a Long Island photographer, I cannot just think of any place other than Long Island that presents you with an overabundance of great and wonderful locations to capture cherish-able family portraits, engagements and unforgettable wedding photos. Click here to read about Long Island Wedding Venues

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Allow me to give you an in-depth sample at some of the most stunning locations for photography in Long Island and what makes them so outstanding. Sit back and enjoy happy clicking.

Oheka Castle

Situated in 135 West Gate Drive in Huntington, New York, Oheka Castle is an extremely popular spot for wedding photographers in the North Shore of Long Island.

Commonly referred to as the inspiration for the Great Gatsby Mansion, Oheka Castle was built in 1919 by banker Otto Herman Kahn, whose prominence and wealth was comparable to J.P. Morgan’s. At that time, the 126-room mansion was inspired by the Napoleon’s Chateau Fontainebleau, one of the greatest ever built mansions in Europe.

As the second largest private residence in the nation, Oheka Castle is standing on a 443-acre land, has a world-class golf course, private airstrip, a working farm, a gatehouse, among other perfect places for photography. This 11 million dollar castle is a restoration of its own kind and has for long, provided a sumptuous backdrop for many Long Island weddings.

For such a castle to be featured in world popular magazines such as Essence Magazine, Cigar Aficionado and Audi is no mean feat. Perhaps, its rich historical background and mind-blogging beauty are some of the reasons why it is an amazing place for any kind of photo session in Long Island.

The Montauk Point Lighthouse

Located in the town of East Hampton in Suffolk County in the South Shore of Long Island, Montauk Point Lighthouse is a premiere of historical beauty. If you are looking for originality and utmost beauty in your photography, then this is the place to be.

The pristine oceanfront playground that Montauk presents, as well as the laid-back pace of living gives the historical Montauk Lighthouse the point of reference for any photographer who wants a glimpse of the traditional Long Island to appear on his/her photos.

Whether you are looking for a scenic wedding destination at the backdrop of wonderful panoramas or you want your engagement photographed on a beauty of landscapes, Montauk Point Lighthouse is your ultimate choice.

Nassau County Museum of Art

For lovebirds, there is no better place that signifies profound love in Long Island than the Nassau County Museum of Art. This colorful place full of unique and antique pieces was a present given by industrialist Henry Clay Frick to his son, Childs Frick and his bride just to show the love he had for both of them and their wedding.

This well-kept location is located in 1 Museum Drive in the village of Roslyn, Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island. The formal and outdoor sculpture gardens, as well as extraordinary man-made landmarks are amenities that are not only incredible for any regular photographer, but are also bright, colorful and unique for outside weddings, engagements and family portraits.

Steppingstone Park and Marina

Looking for the beautiful and incredible New York skyline to appear on your family, wedding and engagement photos? Steppingstone Park and Marina is your definitive choice. As the best spot for a few snaps of the entire family, Steppingstone Park and Marina is perfectly located in 38 Steppingstone Lane in the Great Neck region of Long Island based on the peninsula of the North Shore.

The magnificent views of New York skyline can be amazingly captured in your photos, making it an ultimately lovely and also majestically convenient for scenic wedding, engagement and family shots.

Sands Point Castle

For avid photographers and photogenic individuals, Sand Point Castle is quite a spectacle. This scenery castle is located in 127 Middle Neck Road in Port Washington on the North Shore of Long Island.

This beautiful place is full of nature trails that provide amazing photo scenes that combine beautiful sands and splendid woodland paths. This is truly an excellent place to capture family photos as the setting fills your photo frames to ensure that there are no signs of unwanted objects that can take focus away from the subjects in your photography and the beautiful parts of the landscape that Sand Point Castle offers.

Old Westbury Gardens

Photography at the westbury mansion in Long Island

For a place to be listed on the National Register of Historical Places shows that it is worth the bill. The 200-acre of gardens is located in 71 Old Westbury Gardens in the village of Westbury in Nassau County.

This ideal wedding and engagement destination is full of stunning ponds, lakes and woodland parks that make it easy for you to capture a plethora of spectacular colors and photos. Instead of depending of your camera’s auto mode, Old Westbury Gardens presents you with an ideal situation for a variety of wedding, engagement and family shots at different exposures that will obviously make your day memorable.

This elegant garden is also a site of many special events such as concerts, exhibitions and fairs that can perfectly accompany your occasion and photography.

To this end, it is worth noting that one of the best advantages of choosing Long Island for your photography is that you are always spoiled for perfect choices in terms of spots and sights. The above places are family friendly and are a sure bet that the captured moments will be there to stay and to be cherished forever. Capturing stunning wedding, engagement and family photos at any of this places will perhaps never be unrivaled in your entire life.

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