Choose A Professional Wedding Photographer- Not A Portrait Photographer

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All of the professionals you hire for your wedding play a huge role in the execution of your celebration, as well as the memories you’ll take with you and keep after your sparkler exit. A professional wedding photographer is one of the most prominent players in the wedding lineup. Deciding on a wedding photographer for your big day may be one of the important wedding-related decisions you make (aside from who you are marrying, of course), as they capture each moment of your big day with the images they return to you. You want to ensure that the wedding photographer you choose is trained and experienced so that the variety of pictures you receive back are of the highest quality. Perhaps you have a go-to family portrait photographer that has provided you with great, memorable images in the past, and you are considering hiring her or him to document your nuptials. Before you give your favorite family portrait photographer a call, consider this advice.

Different Specialties and Photography Styles

A family portrait photographer and a wedding photographer may both be talented, but there is a big difference when it comes to their expertise. Consider a similar situation of hiring a professional to bake and decorate your wedding cake. While a sushi chef may be capable of whipping up a decent wedding cake, he has not been trained in the art of intricate icing. Instead of taking a chance, you would hire a seasoned pastry professional to execute your vision for the cake you will savor and shove in your partner’s face. In order to ensure you walk away with the images worthy of framing on your wall, it’s best to go with a specialized wedding photographer. Choose someone who has had plenty of experience every aspect of shooting a wedding, from getting ready portraits to candids at the reception. You don’t want your wedding to serve as your family portrait photographer’s creative experiment. Read more about wedding photography styles.

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Another reason hiring your family portrait photographer for your wedding may not be a good idea is the fact that there are so many strikingly different styles of shooting that fall under the category of wedding photography. One of the biggest distinctions in wedding photography approaches is the difference between wedding portrait photographers and wedding photojournalists. Rather than capturing planned photos throughout the wedding, a wedding photojournalist tells the story of your big day without all the posing.

Still Thinking About Hiring Your Family Portrait Photographer For Your Wedding?

Though you may want to hire your family portrait photographer due to your close relationship with him or her, remember that investing in a wedding photographer is a business matter. It can be tough to tell your family portrait photographer that you aren’t happy with their style or their final product, and you want to ensure you will be completely satisfied with your wedding photographs. As they say, it’s often best to keep business and personal relationships separate. If you’re leaning toward hiring your family portrait photographer because you are familiar with them, try to get to know a variety of wedding photographers to duplicate the feelings of comfort. Imagine yourself as a hiring manager interviewing potential employees for a big gig. After all, your wedding is one of the most important events of your life.

If you’re still attached to the idea of hiring your family portrait photographer, there are some ways you can still involve their photography in this exciting chapter. It may be worth speaking with a wedding photographer you are thinking about hiring if your family portrait photographer could serve as a second shooter. Also consider scheduling a day-after wedding portrait shoot with your family portrait photographer for an alternative style of pictures to cherish.