Your Love Story- Why The Engagement Session Matters

You’re getting married and I’m So happy for you!

Like all great things in life there’s a story behind it.  Like the relationship you two had before you got engaged.  So I encourage you to introduce wedding guests to your story before the wedding day with an engagement photography session and here’s why…

The trouble with wedding invitations is that they often are a picture-free document that announces where and when to show up, in about three months, at which point they sit down, you say stuff, put on rings and are married (more or less). Which is perfectly fine. But how much nicer to invite them to the story of who you are and the romance that they are participating in and a least a little bit of a gooey “Aww. Isn’t that [enter favorite sentimental word here]?” before they arrive? Yes, it is.

Young Couple With Guitars

Which is why an engagement session with the photographer is really worthwhile. It’s also great for the couple because, while wedding photos of you when you are absolutely stunning and gorgeous are fantastic.  It is not exactly representative of you in your daily life.  Your engagement photos are more like you in your favorite outfit on a good hair day.  Your wedding day is the cover photo of your relationship – your engagement session is the story of it.

There are as many directions to go with the engagement session, as there are types of relationships. You can choose any type of setting that suit the two of you, from in the ocean, to your favorite coffee shop. Unsurprisingly, unique, fresh settings are always better, but that doesn’t mean it has to be flying you and your photographer off to Thailand. It might mean if you’re schoolteachers you write your names and the date of your wedding on the chalkboard (we leave it to your photographer to help you be more creative). If you are huge football fans, perhaps you incorporate full war paint in team colors, with wedding date and initials.  The important thing is for you to share your life with your engagement photographer – turning your story into photos that capture it is what we do.

As far as what is happening in the photos, it’s usually a mix. Generally, people want some photos that are more intimate, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing, hugging and holding hands. In other photos, they want something that shows them more casual, playful, perhaps not even touching, but in the same frame, reading, cooking together, lying on the beach. In other words – the same relational dynamics as in real life. What is key in any of these decisions is in the specifics. The book she is reading was the first gift from him. The meal they are cooking was the one she made the first time he came over. She’s wearing the sports jersey of his favorite team. It’s got to be – inside joke or very evident – filled with the stuff of their lives together.

The point of engagement photos is to showcase a mix of the moments of your life, the story of you as people. You didn’t spend your days together walking down aisles of a church. Show your guests what has led to the decision to do that. What have you been doing together that makes you want to spend the entire rest of your lives together? It’s the nothing in particular that turns into the everyday and forever. You have invited them to the wedding. Show them why you’re having one!