Long Island Wedding Photography- Choosing Your Wedding Package

Professional wedding photo album

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision, as the photographs taken during your wedding day preserve your memories to relive and enjoy down the road. With that being said, there are many, many factors involved in making you wedding photography decision. Factors include everything from the photographer’s personality and style to their availability and pricing. Navigating the ins and outs of the photography world can be daunting, so this blog post will break down the important decision of picking what type of photography package you will receive after your big day. In order to make an informed, confident decision, it’s very important to also look at the types of wedding photography packages that each potential photographer offers. Many photographers will charge a set price to cover your wedding, but their requirements involving photography purchases can greatly vary. Check out a few of the pros and cons of each photography package to compare.

Professional Print Packages

Pros: A wedding photography package that requires prints allows couples the opportunity to have beautiful, top-notch professional printed images to have and hold forever. The prints are tangible, and albums allow couples to physically flip through the story of their wedding day as if it were a storybook. A well-designed wedding album makes for an amazing addition to have on your coffee table.

Cons: One of the biggest negatives of required print photography packages is the substantial cost that comes with them. Photography packages that require professional prints and wedding albums can tack on an additional $3,000. For couples that aren’t completely sold on the idea of having physical prints, this is a hefty investment. A second drawback is the lack of access to high resolution digitals, meaning less opportunity to have control over sharing your images. While some photographers provide couples with a lower quality digital version of each print purchased, this may present difficulty when it comes to sharing your wedding photography with Real Wedding blogs.

High Resolution Digitals

Pros: One of the best parts of choosing to go with a high resolution digital package is the freedom that comes with it. Many photographers will allow you the option of professional prints and photo albums, but you will never feel pressured to buy something you do not desire, as it is only an option. A high resolution digital package is also cost-effective compared to professional print packages. Photographers who offer high resolution digitals usually charge one flat fee, rather than individual charging more for each printed copy of a photograph.

Cons: Though the world certainly is going digital, there is something inexplicably satisfying about holding a real picture in your hand. Physical prints help to bring moments to life, and feel more special than the everyday image on Facebook. Another drawback to going all digital with your wedding photography package is the lack of professional direction if you and your partner decide you do want professional prints later on. Photographers who offer professional print packages can offer their artistic expertise when it comes to albums, printing, and framing. Without a photographer to go through, printing the images through various websites can cause the picture quality to suffer.

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over the benefits of both routes, what are you going to choose? If you’re still unsure, take time to talk with each photographer about his or her offerings. Be sure to talk it over with your partner, think about what you will want to do with your wedding pictures, and how you would most enjoy viewing them.