Longing for Long Island: Ideal Wedding Venues Part 2

As we discussed in Part One of our Long Island Wedding Venues article, breaking up may be hard to do, but getting together is no easy feat either. Choosing a wedding venue – that’s beautiful, has the right amenities, the right capacity, in the right location, affordable, with an agreeable menu – can soon turn exhausting. If you’ve decided the location of choice is Long Island, we have some ideas to get you started. Or, maybe just keep you going.


Bellport Country Club

Location: Bellport, New York (South Shore)

Style: Outdoors

Although Bellport has an indoor ballroom space for the reception, most take advantage of the outdoor space for the ceremony and the venue. With its ocean view and sandy beachside setting, couples enjoy the natural light and ocean air on their wedding day. The club itself is elegant and makes for perfect curb appeal when guests arrive. The ballroom itself is fairly standard and not infused with much personality. On the other hand, this leaves you room to go as traditional or modern as you like. This also means, however, if the weather doesn’t cooperate you’ll want to know what your indoor options are, since other space may be equally devoid of character. Still, exterior building aesthetics and outdoor grounds cannot be beat.





Location: Northport, New York (North Shore)

Style: Traditional, Event Space

Larkfield is a purpose-built event venue fashioned after a Tuscan villa. The style could be a good choice for those who want a traditional feel but something with a cleaner aesthetic than the English estates common throughout Long Island. This is less Victorian and floral, rather more square pillars and pale golden walls. There are two ballrooms, a cocktail lounge and a garden. The rooms themselves have distinctive personality with interior balconies, stone facades and grand fireplaces, which could make the need for additional decorating less extensive. Catering is in-house (and the menu is standard continental, not Italian), with considerable vendor partnerships for other services.




The Garden City Hotel

Location: Garden City, New York

Style: Historic, Hotel

A full service wedding experience is available at the hotel as it can not only host the ceremony and reception, but of course, accommodations. In addition, an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is on site at the hotel so all bridal and bridesmaid services are available for wedding day preparations. Guests can also enjoy the spa, as well as 24 hour in-room dining. The hotel ballrooms are opulent affairs with enormous crystal chandeliers one would expect of an 1874 landmark. They are also windowless, as one would expect of an 1874 landmark. You have been warned. Still, the lovely renovated guest rooms, the fantastic outdoor space, and the opulence of a 19th century hotel can more than make up for a view from the reception area.