Long Island Wedding Photographer- 10 Things To Look For

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The wedding photographer is usually one of the first and most important vendors hired for a wedding. Every couple wants to choose the best wedding photographer possible to fit their desires for their special day. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, there are more things than just the quality of their photography that you should factor in before making your choice.

Check out this list of ten things to look for before hiring your Long Island wedding photographer (or any where else for that matter).

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1. A great portfolio of work: A diverse portfolio chock-full of stunning images illustrates the experience and talent of the photographer. Look for a variety of shots with excellent lighting.

2. A clearly-defined style: Is the photographer clearly photo-journalistic or does he or she stick to traditional portrait shots? Look for a photographer with an intended style. This way you’ll know what types of images you’ll get rather than going with a photographer who is all over the artistic board. If your unsure about “styles” check out this article on Wedding Photography Styles.

3. Positive client reviews: Another important thing to look for when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer is positive client feedback. A photographer that includes at least a few reviews suggest more trust, and it’s beneficial to hear that other couples were happy with their choice.

4. A likeable personality: It’s important to look for a photographer that meshes well with you and your partner, as you will be spending one of the most important days of your life with him or her. Look for a photographer who is warm and easy-going, ensuring that he or she will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

5. Compare the photography packages: Before you decide on a photographer, pay close attention to the packages that he or she offers. There are big differences when it comes to print and digital packages, and some photographers may only offer one option.

6. Well-designed website: While it may seem like a given, look for a photographer with a professional, well-designed website. This will help you and your partner distinguish the seasoned professionals from the less serious shooters.

7. A reasonable price: Another important thing to look for when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer is the rate that he or she charges. Once you peak with your partner about the importance of wedding photography and set a reasonable budget, try your best to stick to a photographer within your range.

8. A clear contract: Before you decide to hire a professional wedding photographer, look for a well-organized and clear contract. Make sure to read the contract entirely, and be open about any questions that you might have.

9. A second shooter: Another beneficial thing to look for in a wedding photographer is whether or not they use a second shooter. Second shooters can yield great, alternative images for your big day.

10. Social media following: If you’re unsure about which wedding photographer to choose, take a look at a photographer’s Facebook page and Instagram to get a gauge for how many people are fans of his or her work.