Wedding Photographers Love When You Go Unplugged

photographers love clients to have unplugged weddings

It seems that these days everywhere you look, there’s a face buried into a screen rather than one looking up. While technology has presented us with amazing opportunities for connecting with loved ones, technology presents a level of disconnection with those around you. As technology is so deeply embedded into our society, you can bank on it surely making an appearance at your wedding unless you set some ground rules for your guests. From digital cameras to iPads to smartphones, there are many devices that allow guests to snap photos of their own during your big day. However, these tech tools also present the opportunity for major interference. Guest technology does not only take away from the formality of the ceremony, but it also can foil the professional images of your photographer. Be sure to check out the following reasons why you should opt for having an unplugged wedding:

Distraction: At an event as important as your wedding day, it’s important to consider whether you want your guests to be engaged in your celebration or engaged in their Twitter feeds. The constant notifications and updates of technology are hard to resist, but a wedding is intended to be a social event. Enforcing an unplugged wedding allows your guests the opportunity to mix and mingle with people who are outside of their immediate social networks. A tech-free wedding also ensures that each important moment of the big day, from the vows to the toasts to the first dance, will get the undivided attention it deserves.

Picture Quality: When it comes to having your guests take photos of you on your big day, keep in mind that quantity does not equal quality. In fact, if guests compete with the photographer for snapping the best photos, the quality of your images will suffer. The flash of other cameras can interfere with the photographer’s images at key moments, such as when the bride makes her walk down the aisle. Another reason allowing guest technology causes your professional image quality to suffer is because of the distraction of having iPhones and other devices in the background of important pictures.

Privacy: Many couples that encourage their guests to take their own photos throughout their wedding day suggest a hashtag to be used so that they can view each person’s individual shots as a collection. However, hashtags on Instagram are public. Instead, opting for an unplugged wedding guarantees a more intimate and private way of sharing. With an unplugged wedding, you can choose which special shots you want to share with the world, rather than a blast of photos you have no control over after they surface.

If you want your wedding day to be a time where your family and friends can feel free to relax and you also desire high-quality, professional wedding images, it’s best to abide by a less is more technology philosophy. Let your guests know in advance that your nuptials will be unplugged, so that they will come ready to enjoy your big day without distractions.